Documentation of artifacts and monuments in the Balkans belonging to the Ottoman era is of great importance not only for the continuation of Turkey’s historical ties with the region but also for the preservation of our cultural legacy, which is part of the common heritage of humanity. There are several publications in this field, but the inventory of the architectural heritage of the Ottoman Empire era in Greece remains to be completed. The dialogue and cooperation process between Turkey and Greece initiated in 1999 and the visit by Prime Minister Erdoğan to Athens on 14-15 May, 2010, have helped create a favorable environment for documentation and preservation of works in our common history and cultural heritage, which has in turn resulted in intensified efforts in this field.
This book, which was a result of long preparations in the archives and libraries of Turkey and Greece and subsequent on-site studies, surveys and documentation, is an important scientific research in its field. It is supported by a detailed field survey in Florina (Florina), Grevena (Grebene), Veria (Karaferye), Kastoria (Kesriye), Kozani (Kozana), Serres (Siroz/ Serez), Trikala (Tırhala), and Larissa (Yenişehir). Another aspect that makes this study significant is that many artifacts and monuments, which were damaged and destroyed after the First and the Second Balkan Wars and the population exchange, are addressed for the first time with this book. 

This book is the first volume of the collection titled “Ottoman Architectural (Artifacts and) Monuments in Greece.” Carried out with support of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the main goal of this study is to establish a scientific inventory of Ottoman architectural artifacts and monuments in Greece, as an integral part of the universal cultural heritage and to build awareness about the existence of this heritage. Published in three languages, the book is expected to increase the sense of widespread ownership and lead to a better understanding of our joint cultural heritage. 

Ms. Neval Konuk, an academic in the Art Historian at Marmara University, has previously published the book “Ottoman Architecture in Lesvos, Rhodes, Chios and Kos Islands” in order to record the Ottoman monuments in Greece, again with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2008. I would like to congratulate Ms. Konuk for her exclusive studies to unveil and record the Ottoman cultural heritage in Greece and for her devotion to the research of Ottoman architecture, history and culture in the Balkan region.

Minister of Foreign Affairs