Hafiz Ahmed Agha Library

It is placed in Orologiou Square, number 44. It was registered legally with the decision of Greece Culture Ministry on 25 August 1948. The library was built in 1793 as its written on its inscription on the court door. The person who had made the building, former Rikabdar-I Şehriyari (the person who holds the stirrup of the horse of Sultan) Hafız Ahmed Agha who was borned inUzgur village in Rodos, and is the father of Ahmed Fethi Pasha; the Marshal of Tophane, who is the person who made the clock tower on the island. The library has two rooms which has a rectangle plan. The upper surface of the rooms are covered with two domes shaped as half spheres. The court has rooms for reading Quran, a well and a fountain. In Hafız Ahmed Agha Waqf also known as Fethi Pasha, it is indicated that there will not be any book lendings, the counting and the control of the books are to be made in Muharrem month (the first month in the Muslim calendar). Also as it is indicated in the Waqf, that the Turks from Rodos sacrifice and cook aflure (Noah's pudding). The greetings of the Bairams are still exchanged here.

Ahmed Fethi Pasha, have enriched the library his father revived, with valuable books (some of them are hand written) that he had brought from Istanbul. It is understood that the library was being used by madrasah students mostly and it was damaged severely because of the earthquake in 1863. There is a fountain which was made by Hafız Ahmed Agha's father Hasan Agha in 1797 and inscriptions of several buildings which couldn't last today and were made in Ottoman period in rodos on the court of library. Today the library foundation is managed by Yusuf Kıbrıslı who is of the same race as we are and is a citizen of Greece. The trustee of the Waqf who is a Turkish citizen lives in İstanbul. The building is still called as 'The Muslim Library' is an important visiting center for the tourists.

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