Süleymaniye Madrasah

It's located inside the castle, on Panetiu Street. It's near the clock tower that Fethi Pasha has built. Ahmed Midhat Efendi who was banished to Rhodes and Ebuziyya Tevfik Bey, have decided this school to be opened as Süleymaniye Madrasah, because of the increase in the support to education and in the number of students on the island. The school was built in 1856, on the place of Sencuvan Mosque, which was demolished because of the arsenal explosion. The building was rebuilt as it is today, after the demolishment because of an earthquake in 1898. The madrasah has a square plan and a courtyard in the middle and has a breech roof. There were also libraries in the madrasah. Ata Efendi who was the principal of the madrasah was also present in the people who were captived by Italians who were conquering Rhodes. He was sent to Rome and then Toronto with the other captives. In an inscription above one of the stores across the Abraham Pasha Mosque dated 1922, 24 stores were built for bringing income to the Süleymaniye Madrasah.

Süleymaniye Madrasah that belongs to Turkish Waqf Association, was closed for eight years from 1937 to 30 November 1945. On the sixth issue of Rhodes newspaper published by Fuat Sulaki the opening of the school was given as the first news and in the column it was written that "Our generations that will preserve Turkishness on the island, have taken their first independent step today." The madrasah have served as the 13th City Primary School after 1972. Turkish education was elevated in the school and only education in Greek language was permitted. Today, a full architectural research and project was made about the building and its surroundings, which has been a property of the Turkish Waqf Administration, and it is closed.

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