Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

It is located within the boundaries of the fortress, on Sofokleus Street. The Ibrahim Pasha Mosque and shadirvan were registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 under number 23084/737. According to the inscription above the door, this beautiful mosque which lies on the road to Hicaz, was constructed in 1541 at the behest of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The mosque has a square floor plan and is domed. The portico area is comprised of two colonnades. The original double galleried minaret was destroyed due to structural instability in 1880 and a single galleried minaret was built in 1927. An octagonal shadirvan, resting on eight columns graces the entrance. The interior boasts a large wooden clock and a Rhodes carpet. The mosque remains the only functioning mosque in the city center to this day.

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