İsmail Bey Tomb

İsmail Bey was the governor of Serres from 1795 until 1813. He passed away on 29 B, 1228 (July 28, 1813), and his estate was passed to his son, Yusuf Bey, who was then named as the governor of the districts in addition to Selânik (Thessaloniki) (BOA, HAT, 520/25432). Yusuf Bey was appointed to replace his father on 17 L 1231, (September 10, 1816) and the inhabitants gave their thanks (BOA, DMKT, 66/3267). The ‘Ghazi Graveyard’ or ‘tombs’ were located in a special garden to the north of the Mehmed Bey Mosque (Pennas, 1966, pp.517-518). İsmail Bey’s tomb and family burial site were located there. We could not find the tombs or the graves during our inspection of the area. The entrance to the tomb is no longer extant but entrance to the family burial site is still there. The inscription “Ve sakahum Rabbihim şaraben tuhûrâ”, found on the door means: “God eliminates their thirsts with sweet drinks.” The marble fountain that Yusuf Bey had built in honor of his father still exists next to this entrance.
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