Crete Immigrants Houses

They are located in Antimachou Street. In the late 19th century, the most important population movement caused by Greece was during 1897 Crete uprisings. During these uprisings, myriads of Cretan Muslims whose houses were demolished and belongings were pillaged by Rum rebellions; came to ‹zmir with the vehicles that they could find and after that they were settled on coastlines from Çanakkale to Adana. Moreover, since there was not any enough space left, thousands of Cretan immigrants were sent to Syria and Trablusgarp (Tripolitania), and were settled to the districts called "Hamidiye" and "Muhacirin". For these houses made for immigrants in Rhodes and Kos, 1.124. 448 kurus were spent. The houses built in Kos were completed in 1909. They look like Crete Immigrant Houses built in Rhodes. Today, today one of the houses left, is used as a restaurant with the name "Zehra'nın Hayatı"(The Life of Zehra). The grandson who is a Cretan Turk, named the restaurant after his grandmother.

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