Yeni Mosque

It is located in the centre of Lesvos. It was registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 7 December 1956, 10 August 1962, 2 October 1984 and registered by the Greek Egean Ministry on 21 July 1998. The mosque was constructed in 1825. The madrasah within the courtyard constructed by Hadji Muhammed Agha is still in service. The mosque has got a rectangular floor plan but the roof does not exist. Half of the minaret is still standing on the Northwestern corner. The Portico area has got five divisions. On top of the portico area there is a bird's house resembling a temple. The entrance to the mahfil of the mosque is from the northeastern corner by a ramp like a staircase. After news that the official population exchange had started, many Moslems in the villages moved to mosques in the towns and cities and had to bear terrible conditions. One of these mosques is The Yeni Mosque. There is still a picture which shows us the Midilli Moslems staying together in the mosque. Today the continuing expenses and renovations of the mosque cost 92,660 Euro.




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