The Military Hospital

A listing in the Sleânik District Yearbook of 1871 shows that a hospital was opened in Serres that year. Records show that in 1876 there were aproximately 130 patients at the hospital, which was under the direction of chief physician Ahmed Emin. Records from 1894 show that it was located close to the infantry barracks and that while Dr. Emin was on leave that the hospital was run by Commander Mustafa and Lieutenant Asaf Zühdü Effendi. The hospital remained open during the Teselya War. The Yearbooks for 1901 and 1903 show that up to 180 piastres were paid as salaries to many of the small but necessary custodial staff at the hospital. Records from 27 Ra, 1324 (May 21, 1906) show that another ceremony took place (BOA, Y.MTV, 286/165).

During the Balkan War District Governor and ophthalmologist, Lütfi Bey, and surgical doctor Hasan Osman Effendi also worked on the staff but the hospital was soon occupied by Bulgarians during the war and services were stopped. The present day third Middle School building is believed to have once been the military hospital.

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