Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha Fountain

Neither cypress nor poplar or willow was a grand state, but the plane tree from Kos was And the nightingales would not weep in its arms secretly While the galleys were passing by along the islands with their sanjaks Would chant the sense of Koran almighty Exchangee - Emigrant Prof.Dr.Şiükrü Elçin (1912-....)

It is located on the wide area that Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha Mosque is found across the door of Kos Castle. The fountain is under the Hipokrat Plane, which has been subjected in poems and songs. It's understood from its inscription that it has been built by Gazi Hasan Pasha in 1785-1786.

The fountain has a rectangle plan and made of marble. In the middle of the front of the fountain, there is the inscription. Under the inscription the tap is placed. The crosswise rectangle wall panels near both sides of the inscription are decorated with floral decorations. Under the fountain, there is a basin made of stone higher than the present ground. There are sitting places on the both sides of this, projecting from the front.

The fountain, which is a friend of the historical Hipokrat Plane, still serves.

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