Molyvos Castle

The province of Molyvos is situated to the north of the Island. Molova, as it was called by the Ottomans, had 26 villages. The city center lies on the seaside, along the hill that climbs up to the Castle. On one of the sidewalls of the Castle there is an inscription dated 1871, depicting the additional constructions made to the Castle after the 1571 The Battle of Lepanto.

In the inscription:

 “I testify that there is none worthy of worship except God and I testify that

Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Year 979, it was the time of Sultan Selim Khan, son of Sultan Suleiman whose father was Sultan Selim, the great omniscient and the Khan of Turks Trustworthy, young cavalry, Mustafa Sipahi"

The castle that is surrounded by towers and forts has one gate. In 1883, the town of Molova was constituted of a population of 3000 living in around 600 households. Accordingly to the archive documents, the earthquake in 1889 in Lesvos had torn down some walls of the Castle that had been repaired in 1886.

Today the Castle is being renovated by Karadimas Konstantinos Architecture Office, under the control of the Archaelogical Income Desk of the Republic of Greece, with a 2,022,700 Euro budget. Admittance is prohibited due to reconstruction.

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