Government Office

In the sources, there are two government offices which were constructed. The first one was repaired on 20 S 1299 (January 11, 1882), (BOA, İ.ŞD, 57/3237). On 24 S 1317, (July 4, 1899) it was written that it would be repaired by the inhabitants without any charge to the exchequer (BOA, DMKT, 2218/38). On 6 C 1318, (October 1, 1900) the necessary actions were requested for the repair of the office which was about to collapse (BOA, DMKT, 2409/85). On 20 Ra 1319 (July 7, 1901); payment was made to the contractor upon inspection of his books and the completed construction. (BOA, DMKT, 2507/39). On 18 L 1319, (October 28, 1902); plans were drawn up to support the request for funds to be added to the budget of the Government Office for further construction (BOA, DMKT, 2581/45). On 19 S 1320, (May 28, 1902); the Government Office was reconstructed for the second time (BOA, İ.D, 1397/1320/S-11). Dervish Bey, from Leskovik, served and showed great effort toward the construction of the office so it was requested that he be awarded in terms of a rising in rank, on 22 Z, 1320 (March 22, 1903), (BOA, DMKT, 671/41). On 3 Ş, 1321 (October 25, 1903); Mahmud Münib Effendi, Karaferye district governor, who served during the construction of the Government Office, and two notables were requested to be rewarded (BOA, DH.MKT, 781/7).

The 2 story Government Office is covered with pleated roof. The enclosed hall forms a cross vault plan formed with the straight hallway. The stairwell is located directly opposite the entrance. Since the building was assigned to the municipality, it has been used as a Court House. It underwent extensive restoration in 1985-86 and returned the building to the original design. However, in order to make it more useful, some windows were removed from the front facade and a restroom was added. Today, this building is still being used as a Court House (Tsolakis, 2008, p.158-163, 204).

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