Defterdar Mosque

It is located in the main square of the archeological site. It was first registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 15 September 1948 and later on 5 October 2001. The mosque was constructed by Defterdar ‹brahim Efendi (provincial treasury officer) in 1724. The mosque has two storeys. On the first floor, which can be reached via a staircase, are the prayer areas, including, the prayer area for women. On ground level there are rented shops, which financially support the Foundation of the mosque. The minbar and mihrab of the mosque are simple. The minaret on the west is cylindrical and it has one gallery. There is a shadirvan with a dome on six columns, next to the minaret. Even today, Friday services are attended by large Turkish congregations. It was damaged by a sabotage attack on 2 September 1993 and remains the only mosque open for services in the city centre.

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