Mufti House of Murad Reis Tomb

It's located in Kum cape, on the left and right of the door of Murad Reis Cemetery. The house was used as a settlement place for the last Mufti of Rhodes, Sheikh Suleiman Kaşlıoghlu until the date of his death 19 July 1974. Mufti Kaşlıoghlu's photo has reached today, who has died in the age of 90. In 19th century the most famous dervish lodge in Rhodes Island was Murad Reis Dervish Lodge. In the dervish lodge the service was bestowed upon a favor. The Governor Namık Kemal indicated sheik of Murad Reis Abdullah Efendi as one of the enlightened and patriotic people on the island. Nobody has lived in the two floored building after the last Mufti Kaşlıoglu. The building consists two parts with two floors, and has some collapses on the roof. Its walls are standing with supports for a long time and waiting for the days that they will be repaired.

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