Mevlevi Dervish Lodge

The Mevlevi Dervish Lodge in Serres was reconstructed on 7 N, 1287 (December 1, 1870), (BOA, 624/43396). The payments for the repairs and other expenses were met on 7 Ra, 1264 (February 12, 1848), (BOA, A.MKT, 110/63). There are two more records concerning repairs to the Lodge on 2 N, 1265 (July 22, 1849), (BOA, A.MKT, 215/6) and on 3 Za, 1265 (September 20, 1849). There is an official report from the Serres Parliament concerning the appointment of Osman Nuri Effendi as the sheikh of the Lodge in place of the retiring Ali Pasha, who set up the foundation (BOA, A. MKT, 225/81).
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