Canberk Giray Khan Thomb

It is located right in the middle of Murad Reis Cemetery. The tomb belongs to Canbek Giray Khan, one of the Khans of Crimean. After he was dismissed from Crimea in 1634, he was exiled to Rhodes and died in here. According to the epitaph on his sarcophagus placed over his grave, he has passed away on a Saturday night on 15 November 1636. Famous Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi indicates these couplets used to take place on the dooras follows;

" These generals like the mountains won't submit to the sky, those lay without a belt, a sword, tied up in the ground"

Today, this inscription does not exist on the tomb. The octagonal building is covered with a dome. Within the uncared tomb, the sarcaphagus of the Khan is destroyed and the stones of his grave lay disorderly all around.

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