Junior High School

The date of foundation could not be ascertained. Records dated 16 B, 1312 (January 3, 1895) show that missing information from the curriculum vitae of Mustafa Tevfik Effendi, the Demirhisar Junior High School teacher, was supplied to authorities (BOA, MF.MKT, 243/24). A letter concerning the tax free allocation of a globe is dated 25 C, 1317 (October 31, 1899),(BOA, MF.MKT, 475/64). A record shows that Mustafa Tevfik Effendi was discharged as second teacher on 5 Ra 1318 (July 3, 1900). Another record shows that Ömer Lütfü Effendi, who had been assigned as the previous first teacher of Çal Junior High School was to begin duty (BOA, MF.MKT, 511/43). On 24 Ş, 1318 (December 17, 1900) the duties of the calligraphy teachers were divided; Ömer Lütfi Effendi, the first teacher, was appointed as the Sulüs calligraphy teacher and Ahmed Niyazi Effendi was assigned to teach rik’a calligraphy (BOA, MF.MKT, 540/47). On 13 R, 1320 (July 20, 1902) Ahmed Hakkı Effendi was appointed in the place of Ahmed Niyazi Effendi as the rik’a calligraphy teacher of the Demirhisar Junior High School (BOA, MF.MKT, 644/51). Ali Kâzım Efendi, from the Cidde Junior High School, was appointed as a teacher to the Demirhisar Junior High School on 10 M, 1321 (April 8,1903),(BOA, MF.MKT, 695/11). Ahmed Effendi was appointed as a teacher at the Demirhisar Junior High School on 29 Ca, 1321 (August 23, 1903), (BOA, MF.MKT, 729/46).
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