Bedestan (Covered Market)

Located in Eleftherias Square in the city center, it was registered by a royal command on January 13, 1938 and appeared in the Official Gazette on January 20, 1938, Number: 18/A. The Bedestan, a Turkish market, was built by İbrahim Pasha from Çandarlı in 1485 (Lowry, 2008, p.153). The Bedestan was built outside the southwestern wall of Serres’s old tower, just like the Eski Mosque and is located in the area where the Turkish neighborhoods started to develop after the conquest. Orta Çarşı (Middle Market) Street, once a commercial center, is located between the Bedestan and the Eski Mosque. The rectangular building of six domed parts measures 20.60 mt. x 31.45 mt. The domes were originally covered with lead but this was replaced by roofing tiles.

Çelebi writes: “Besides that which could be purchased in the 2000 shops of Serres, many valuable goods could be bought and sold within the Bedestan. The Bedestan was covered with lead had six cupolas and four iron doors” (VII, 1966, p.620). It still has these four entrances.

Prof. Anastasios Orlandos, a faculty member of the Athens University and Academy, did a comprehensive study concerning the architectural importance of the Bedestan which resulted in the funding from the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs necessary for the building to become a museum (Pennas, 1966, pp.516-517). It exists today as the Archaeological Museum and is the only Ottoman artifact that can be visited with ease in Serres.

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