Gazi Hasan Pasha Of Algeria Mosque / Guild Mosque

The mosque is located in an area formerly controlled by guild tradesmen and is now part of an archeological excavation site. It was first registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 15 September 1948, and later on 5 October 2001. It was constructed by Gazi Hasan Pasha of Algeria in 1776. To visit this pretty two storey mosque which sits on vaults, the entry is one floor up. There is a rosette with a crescent and star on the roof of the porch, by the gate. The mosque is covered with a roof in a rectangular floor plan. The prayer area, which has fallen into ruin over time, is connected to the prayer hall section. There is a beautiful eye-catching hexagonal shadirvan on six marble columns, covered with a dome right next to the Hippocrate plane tree. The twelve sided water storage of the shadirvan is decorated with mediterranean cypress trees on each side. The mosque has fallen into disrepair today and is closed for services.

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