Hamidiye Houses

They are located outside the castle, on Kum cape on Lindos way. Hamidiye Houses, was built by Sultan Abdülhamid II for the immigrants provided with housing in Rhodes, after the annexation of Crete to Greece. At first 800 - 900 Cretans have come to the island but later they were sent to Antalya and other regions. A distant settlement location was provided for the Turks that came from Crete to Rhodes, because of the different cultures with the Turks inside the castle. The construction of the building was started in 1906, after waiting for 6 years. A year later, two new settlement places; a village and a street were completed outside the castle. The 103 housed villages were built in Kum cape, and were named Hamidiye.

The houses with roofs and rectangle plans for these Turks that have unusual Cretan traditions, and two village fountains with domes were built by Yorgis Tsimetas from Aya Yorgi village. In 1907, the district was named "Süleymaniye". Apart from the Hamidiye houses, a police station and a caravanserai were also built. After the dethroning of Sultan Abdülhamid the Second, Hamidiye village's name was changed as Osmaniye in 5 June 1909. The Cretan Turks were living on vehicle making, coffee houses, as boatmen and fishermen. The second generation immigrant Hilmiye Süleymanaki and his son Mustafa Süleymanaki are the Cretan Turks that are still living in these houses.

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