Muharrem Pasha Mosque

Located on the corner of Delfon and Aristofanos Streets in the Varoş Neigborhood. The Müslüman Mosque is registered by its own name under the bylaw of Ministry on August 6, 1946, number 52434/1598. It is registered in the Official Gazette of September 10, 1946, Number 149/B. It is registered under the bylaw of Ministry on January 27, 1959, Number 159565/6908; and in the Official Gazette of February 9, 1959, Number 48/B.

It does not have any inscriptions. Evliya Çelebi mentions that the Muharrem Pasha Mosque was located in the Varoş Neighborhood:

"Muharrem Pasha Mosque, located in Varoş, is the most outstanding mosque of all and it is a pleasant mosque within the high redwoods at the courtyard. It has a lead dome and a minaret" (VIII, 1966, p. 38).


Today, the only mosque that is still standing in Alasonya is located in the Varoş Neigborhood and according to all records it must be the Muharrem Pasha Mosque. Muharrem Pasha passed away during the reign of Selim II (1566-1574). Therefore, the mosque must have been built before that date (Mehmed Süreyya IV, 1996, p. 1098).

The mosque has a square plan and is covered with a dome. The rim of the dome has windows. The rim is supported by buttresses at the four corners. Only a portion of the minaret remains standing in the northwestern corner. It was constructed of rubble and bricks. The windows are distichous (Arranged in two vertical rows on opposite sides of an axis). Two photographs belonging to Aristotelis Zachos and taken in 1991 still exist (Macedonia, Through the Lens of Aristotelis Zachos, 2007, pp.224-227).


The portico can be seen on the photographs although it is no longer standing. During our visit, marble column bases from the portico were found. A partial inscription on the front of the mosque shows it was ornamented with geometrical flower figures. The mihrab is ornamented with muqarnas (decorative corbel). There is no original ornamentation within the mosque which was restored in the mid- 1990s. It is suggested that the building be used as an Archaeological Museum. It is closed at present.

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