Gani Ahmed Cemetery

The most devastated and neglected in Ottoman historical monuments and arts is no doubt the old graves and the cemeteries. An important feature of cemeteries in Rhodes, where it has been a place for privileged Ottomans who has fallen into disfavor, the people buried in here are historical characters who were exiled from ‹stanbul as officers, or officers directly sent to settle, executed prisoners or prisoners died by condemnation. One of the first to remember who got buried in Rhodes is envoy Ebû Bekir Râtib Efendi (of Tosya), who has taught Hammer the mental power of Turkish. Gani Ahmed Cemetery took shape at Kannamat region in 1928, by the transfer of the old Ottoman Martyrdom which used to take place at "Çimenlik", used to belong to Turkish Waqf Administration. By the transfer of the Ottoman Martyrdom, the unidentified bones today were buried together into a small monument in Gani Ahmed Cemetery. It is predicted that many head stones were mixed or got lost by this transfer. Because it can be understood that the transfer was not executed consciously, and there was no listing. After that, we don't even know where the grave or tomb of many important statesmen those left trace in our history, even the last of their memories have forgotten and disappeared. The grave of Gani Ahmed is still well kept. But the martyr identities those mixed, disappeared and still exist, and the grave stones belong to them, are needed to stocktaking.







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