Köse Mustafa Pasha Bridge

Located close to the Thessaloniki- Grevena road and 16 km. north-west of Grevena between the villages of Kozmati and Kipuryo on the Venetiko River on the Grevena-Metsovo road. It was built by Mustafa Pasha (Köse) from Ergiri (Argyrocastron). It is stated on the official site of the Grevena Governorship that the bridge was rebuilt on the original site under orders from Sultan Bayezid (http://www.grevena.gr/perivallon/index. php?option=com_content&task=view&i d=121&Itemid=175).

Köse Mustafa Pasha was the Commander of İnebahti in S 1211 (August, 1797). That year, he became the governor of Niğbolu and he was the governor of Halep for 15 days but he was later discharged. After that, he became the governor of Niğbolu, Sivas and Diyarbekir in 1217 (1802-1803) and he died within that year (Mehmed Süreyya IV, 1996, p.1202). A 70 meter long bridge with three sections was built in Sivas Divriği in the years 1799 and 1800 by Köse Mustafa Pasha still exists. It is thought that he built the bridge in Grebene around the year 1797 during which he was the Commander of İnebahtı. The 85 meter long, 5 arch Köse Mustafa Pasha Bridge is the largest stone bridge still standing in Greek Macedonia. It was built with straight hewn stone. The jambs of the bridge have three support arches. It is covered in asphalt and has railings. It can be seen that the bridge has undergone a lot of maintenance.

The official site of the Grevena Government states that the tomb of Köse Mustafa Pasha, a Khan and a Police station are located near the bridge. The tomb was located next to the bridge but was demolished in the beginning of the 1980’s. It was a small stone structure with an inscription. The Khan was also near the bridge. A portion of the income was allocated for maintenance and repair expenses for the bridge. The caravans going to Selânik (Thessaloniki) or Yanya (Ioannina) stayed over night at the Khan. Today, the Köse Mustafa Pasha Bridge is closed to motor vehicle traffic.

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