Kandilli School

It's located in Kandilli (Tria) village of the island. Kandilli is one of the three villages in the island which was fully filled withTurks until 1970's. During the finals of 19th century the primary education in Rhodes was regressed. The Governor Namık Kemal have attracted attention to this issue, and put the situation of the education and ignorance of Muslims living in the villages on the agenda of the government. With the events of changing religion and denominations between the public of Uzgur, Salakos, Kandilli, Katavia and Lindos; which were apart from education for a long time; schools were built to meet the religious needs. Kandilli village school is one of the three schools. The schools, which Sultan Abdülhamid the II was personally interested, have opened in 1885. Mükerrem Effendi was teaching in the school between the years 1886 - 1887. Today the school is partially demolished. The fountain in the courtyard is hidden behind the wild grass.

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