Hadji Muhammed Agha Madrasah

It is placed in the court of Yeni Mosque, in the center of Lesvos. On it's inscription, it is written that the building was built by Hadji Muhammed Agha in 1756- 1757 and his life was ended before it was finished. Also it is seen that the madrasah was named as Hadji Muhammed Agha Madrasah on the inscription. The Madrasah has a court door with an arch and triangle pediment. There is a Suleiman seal motif on the bottom side of this arched court door's lock stone, and geometric decorations on the top sides of the stone. Near the entrance there is a two floored building that has and entrance with columns and porches. There are student rooms in the madrasah which has a wide court. Since the court was filled with trees and weeds entrance was difficult while we were exploring.


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