The Old Bath (Hayreddin Pasha Bath)

Located at 35 Dionisiu Solomou Street. The Bath was registered under a bylaw of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on November 6, 1998, Number ARH/B1/F30/ KHP/43176/1758; and registered in the Official Gazette on November 18, 1998, Number 1189/B. It belongs to Hayreddin Pasha (Evliya Çelebi VII, 1966, p.621). It was built by Hayreddin Pasha who conquered the city alongside Ghazi Evrenos Bey in 1385. When Hayreddin Pasha passed away in Serres, his remains were taken to İznik. His mausoleum at İznik has the date of death as 789 (1387). The bath must have been built between the years 1385 and 1387. During our inspections of the building, it was ascertained that one part of the bath that was still standing was surrounded by shops was being used as a shoe store.
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