Kurşunlu Mosque

Located on Kapetan Kota Street, the building is known as the Kursun Mosque by the local community. It was registered by Greek Presidential Bylaw of June 11, 1925 and the Official Gazette of June 16, 1925, Number: 152/A. Machiel Kiel, without reference, wrote that the Kurşunlu Mosque is in fact Sultan Süleyman Mosque (2002, p.312). Heath Lowry wrote that it is known as the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Mosque (2009, p.207-208).

Although it does not contain any inscription from which its date of construction can be confirmed, its architectural structure, masonry and its spiked cornices suggest that it is from a very early period. Foundation records revealed another even earlier mosque that was located within the walls of the Kastoria Castle so because no conclusive evidence can be found, the mosque should remain unnamed.

The dome and the minaret were damaged during an attack by Italian forces during the Second World War (Orlandos, 1939, p.211).

The square-plan dome covered mosque is intricately carved and decorated. A portico, which was a later addition, exists at the front of the mosque but lacks an inscription as well. What remains of the mosque is closed to the public.

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