Lesvos Administration Mansion

It stands near the middle gate of the castle of Lesvos. According to the documents recruited in Turkey's Prime Ministry General Management of the Ottoman Archives, initially, the great house ansion of Ümmügülsüm Hanım, who had passed away with no child in 1 July 1811, was turned into the Administration Mansion of Lesvos. Another administration mansion has been built in the year 1859. Later, in 1 June 1862, a prison has been built inside the Administration Mansion. In 30 October 1864 the walls and the canals of the building and in 7 September 1878 the entire building has been rebuilt.

In the years 1891-1892 during the reign of Abdülhamid II, the building that is today known as the Administration Mansion has been constructed. The Ottoman Administration Mansion is today used by the Ministry of Aegean Sea and The Islands Policy.

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