Murad Reis Cemetery

The cemetery is located in courtyard of Murad Reis Tomb. Mostly the tombs of important figures who had been exiled to the island during the Ottoman period reside in the cemetery. Some of these tombs are the graves of; Nadir Pasha who was exiled to Rhodes, and died there in 1885, due to not successfully defending against the enemy forces which had passed Danube, Ç›rpanl› Abdülkerim Pasha who was sent into exile to the island after Ottoman-Russian War in 1877-78 and died there in 1884 at the age of eighty six, head navy commander Abdülkerim Pasha who was executed at the island in 1762, Sarı Abdullah Pasha who was executed in 1734, Mehmed Rami Pasha who made the Karlofca Treaty and who died in 1707 at Rhodes after being exiled there, Egyptian Finance Minister Said Bey who passed away in 1875. Today Canbek Giray Khan Tomb, fiahin Giray Tomb, Havvafl Sencar Tomb, Mehmed Redif Pasha Tomb, Mehmed fiekip Pasha Tomb, Memi Pasha Tomb, Shah Safi Tomb are placed inside the cemetery. It was cleaned, the tombs were reinforced by the Rhodes Municipality in 1990 and locks and iron bars to the doors and the windows of the tombs were also installed.

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