Chios Administration Mansion

As in today's name, Vounaki, is located in Kılınç Square as is named in Ottoman Period. According to the documents from the archives, in place of the Old Administration Mansion repaired in 26 April 1870, a new one was built in 8 August 1873. With the Chios Administration Mansion, a jailhouse and a zaptieh house was also built. In 23 November 1880 the administration mansion is repaired. In 27 October 1882, a Court of Law was added to the administration mansion. In 8 January 1885, the document depository was repaired. It was broadened in 4 September 1885. It was lastly repaired in 1896 and 1906 during the Ottoman period. In 12 November 1912, Greek flag started to whip in the administration mansion of the island that was occupied by the Greek. The Administration Mansion in the Ottoman period was later used as governor's house. It was burned down completely in the fire in 1949. The place where the building was located, is now used as park.

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