Evliya Çelebi wrote this concerning the castle: “When castle was besieged by 1st Murad much of it collapsed so the ghazis and their troops conquered the castle with ease. The castle was known as “Siruz” which is Persian for ‘today’, but the locals called it Serres in the colloquial language. It is written as Serres in official documents. It was the center of Royal legislation during the struggles between the Ottoman prince, İsa Çelebi and his brothers. There are silver mines in the surrounding mountains. Therefore, a royal mint was founded here during the Ottoman Period. This may explain why there are many coins that bear stamp: “Azze nasarahu duribe Serres”. The Serres Castle is a nice, stone structure with five corners. It is located on a foohill to the east of the town. It sits on a smooth, massive, black rock. The Castle has two gates, one of which opens to the east, the other to the west. The main gates do not contain smaller openings. There are no settlements located within the castle” (VIII, 1966, pp.619-620). The castle is no longer standing.
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