“Let me have an oka of date palm from Serres
Let the drums and horns play for you”
Serres Folksong (Author: Hüseyin Yaltırık)

“During the Ottoman period, Serres was a commercial center. There were seventeen khans” (Evliya Çelebi VII, 1966, p.622). Only one of these khans remains. Emine Semiye Hanim spent one and a half months in the meadows near Serres in 1906 and she wrote about the trade. “Beech and Pine logs are important trading resources. Çukut, a kind of bullrush grass that grows along the streams, has a green skin that when removed exposes a cream colored, soft and scented material. This material is covered with wet cheesecloth and when taken to the homes of the local people it is then used to create decorative floral materials. Some of the local families make a living doing this work. The artwork is then sent to Drama, Kavala and Selânik” (Thessaloniki), (Kalem Tecrübeleri, 94, 106).

There are also horse, sheep and wood markets in the city. Istanbul University’s Abdülhamid Albums contain photographs of these markets at Serres.

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