Çelebi Sinan Bey Bridge

Located on Evreon Martiron Street, it is largely hidden from view by the overgrowth of trees and vegetation. There is important information about the bridge in Evliya Çelebi:

“The story of the bridge is as follows; As a matter of fact, the decorative bridge was strengthened in the Year 994” (1585-86). “The architect of the bridge used all of his creativity and built such a work that from one balustrade to the other it’s as if Kisra is a jewel. It may seem to the eye that it is small but it’s as big as the Mostar Bridge in Hersek country (Bosnia Herzegovina) and they resemble each other. It looks like a rainbow forty fathoms high. It is truly a beautiful work of art that is worth viewing” (VIII, 1966, p.33).

During our visit we could see that the 2 arch bridge had been carefully restored, metal railings have been added and it has been resurfaced in concrete and is still in use by those travelling on foot.

On 18 July, 1924 the requisition of the charitable foundations of Çelebi Sinan Bey was organised (BCA, 30547, From among the artifacts that Çelebi Sinan Bey had constructed in Karaferye, the mosque and the bridge are still extant today.

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