Remains of what were once the castle walls and the tower can be seen in parts of the present city walls. Evliya Çelebi wrote the following about the castle:  

"The six sided castle, with very high walls, sits on a flat rock above the western shore of a refreshing lake. A very large solid steel door looks to the west, upon which various weapons and tools are displayed. It was through this gate that the Venetians once stormed and took the castle. In order that the Franks not control the castle, the Greeks sided with Ghazi Evrenos Bey and together they retook the castle. From that time on the castle remained under the control of the Ottomans. The castle housed a castle guard of fifty soldiers, various government officials and a poll tax collector. Housing for up to 200 soldiers was located in the castle and it is said that Greeks were never allowed within the castle walls. There were also grain silos and ammunitions stores but as it was an inland castle such ammunitions stores were quite small. Each night as the guards stood duty, the military Janissary band would play" (V, 1966, p.396).




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