Bayır Mosque

Located on the corner of Tantalu and Panormu Streets, it is registered under a bylaw of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on May 30, 1995, Number ARH / B1 / F36 / 54221 / 1189, and is registered under the bylaw of the Official Gazette on July 12, 1995, Number 613/B. After the population exchange all deeds that were the property of Muslim estates were transferred to Greeks. Some of the mosques within these estates were turned into houses. The first one is Bayır Mosque in Karaferye. The mosque has a square plan and it is roofed. Three old photographs of the mosque still exist. It can be seen from these photographs that there was a graveyard next to it. During our visit it was entered with the permission of the Efthimiadis Brothers family who was living there. It was ascertained that its prayer niche and minaret were still standing. A washing machine was on the minaret foundation. A window on the south front is the only external sign that proves that the structure was once a mosque. There is a piece of marble resembling a fragment of a gravestone in the courtyard.
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