Government Office

The Government Office was located in the foothills of what is now called Mount Profitis İlias. Records show that the original Government Offices were destroyed in a fire in early 1323 (1905). A telegram from the Manastır Governorship, dated 12 M, 1323 (March 19, 1905) records that when the fire began, the District Governor and Gendarmarie lieutenant were in Serfice and the city was under the administration of a second lieutenant and a sergeant major (BOA, TFR.I.MN, 58/5799).

On 21 M, 1323 (March 28, 1905) claims regarding the destruction of the government office were investigated by a group of experts and a report was filed by the Manastır Court of Appeals. Various plans and photographs were added to an appendix (BOA, TFR.I.MN, 59/5848). A suitable building was rented to be used as the replacement Government Office.

On 7 Ra, 1325 (April 20, 1907), correspondence with the Manastır Province regarding the reconstruction of the Government Office was exchanged (BOA, TFR.I.MN, 121/12031). As a result, it was reopened on 22 R, 1326. (May 24, 1908), (BOA, TFR.I.MN, 167/16648). During the 1905 fire all records of deeds and other registrations were destroyed. The governor sent an official letter concerning this issue on 17 B, 1326 (August 15, 1908), (BOA, TFR.I.MN, 176/17511). This second building was utilized as the Government Offices until 1969 when the Offices were relocated to a new building and the previous building was demolished (Tsolakis, 2008, pp.183-184).

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