Mehmed Pasha Fountain

 It's located on Martiron Street. It was registered legally with the decision of Greece Culture Ministry in 19 December 1961. In 1767 the fountain had been built by Kaptan-ı Derya Mehmed Pasha, which still lives with its name. People who drank from the fountain, have honoured Mehmed Pasha by calling him 'Angel Pasha' because two barrels of Holland sugar was poured from the ringlets during the opening of the fountain. The fountain is made of marble and it is one of the most important fountain architecture of the Ottoman's in the provinces.

The building is made for Square and its four sides are sharp arched, has wide eaves and a roof. The panel stone of the fountain, in the vase; have flowers, cypress, fruits on the bowl, date palms and the upper part is şlled with inscriptions boarded with decorations. On the outsides of the arches, bonito - pine cone depictions on simple bases. On each of the four sides of the fountain, there is an inscription written in talik (style of Arabic script) writing. On the south side, the main inscription has 9 couplets with a mahlas "şefkat", the others have 5 couplets. It reveals in one of these have the mahlas "şefkat" , also the other four pieces of verse that differs from the main one in meter and rhyme; that these were written by the same person. According to sources şefkat is the son of Osman Efendi from Lesvos; Ali şefkat Bey. He was the council secretary of Melek Mehmed Pasha and died in İstanbul in 1773, and he was a poet. Mehmed Pasha's name is completely on the inscription placed on the south side of the fountain.The fountain is an important example that it was built in Chios Island in the start of the westernizing period of the Ottoman Empire in Tulip Era; which was a period which great changes were considered in architectureand in history of art.
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