Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha Fountain

The Ottomans; because of their religious cultures have considered water important and their first works were mostly fountains. The fountain was built by Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha, and it is registered to public as is due to its Waqf. Its inscription cannot be read because it was scraped.

Hasan Pasha has built the fountain in Kos in 1200 (1785-86), across Kos's outskirts, he built the fountain in Bodrum-Turgut Reis, in 1199 (1784-1785). It is possible that he made the fountain in Lesvos in these years. The fountain is made of marble and has a rectangle plan. It has an arched niche in the middle. Inside the fountain's niche, there is a panel stone with one tap. The panel stone's inside is decorated with late era decorations. Inside the niche, there is a basin made up of stone, higher than the ground. Sitting places were placed in both sides of this, which are projected from the front.

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