Junior High School

The date of foundation could not be ascertained. Books and booklets that were requested for the students of the school were sent on 12 Ca, 1290 (July 8, 1873), (BOA, MF.MKT, 12/55). Records dated 6 B, 1318 (October 30, 1900) refer to the very poor conditions of the school and the poor levels of education. It also states that there was a shortage of qualified teachers and administrators for the school. The situation of the school was placed under Manastır Education District (BOA, MF.MKT, 532/50). Hikmet Effendi, a graduate of the Manastır Senior High School, was appointed to replace Hüseyin Effendi asa Mathematics teacher on 23 C, 1325 (August 3, 1907), (BOA, MF.MKT, 1010/61).

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