Old Bath

The Bath was situated in the Old Bazaar, on Evdimou Street, near Şadırvan Mosque. It's ruined today. It had been built, along with the New Bath,also in Rhodes, right after the conquest of the Island. The revenues ofthe bath belonged to the Kanuni Waqf.

An old picture, one from the Abdülhamid Albums, of the Bath has survivedto this day. The earthquake of Rhodes in 1856 and the explosion ofEğrikapı arms place had damaged the canals and domes of the Bath. Among the expenses of the Süleymaniye Waqf in the year 1856, it is recorded that the boiler room of the Bath was repaired with a cost of 482 kurus and 10 para. It has been damaged also in the earthquake in 1863. In 1893, the Old Bath, together with the New Bath, has underwent a comprehensive reconstruction that cost 20,900 kurus. For the reconstruction of the two baths, the income from the sale of the baths' lead roof cover has been used together with government grants.

The Bath has partially been harassed in the World War II, and the remaining parts have been demolished accompanied with a ceremony in 1962, which the Mayor had also taken part, with the excuse to make room for the construction of new shops by the Turkish Waqf Rhodes. A construction permit has not been granted for the land where the Old Bath used to stand, and the Municipality has taken the land over.

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