Clock Tower

This tower was located in the city centre. The French priest Robert de Dreux, visited Serres in the year 1668 and was quite impressed with it. He wrote that this Tower had been there for many years and along with the main tower, the Clock Tower was the most impressive monument of the city.

De Dreux wrote: “… The most noteworthy thing in Serres for me is the square Clock Tower in the middle of the city. A huge bell rings out the hour and shows the time in a European style, which is just like ours. What I mean is that it begins from midnight, which is quite surpising. As far as I know there are not any public clocks in Turkey as the Turkish people do not count the time starting from midnight like us, they count it from sunset like the Italians.”

As far as I can remember, during the final years of the Turkish administration in the city, the time was not shown in European style in contrast to what de Dreux wrote, but in “Alaturka” style. And there are stories from many travelers that mention the existences of similar clock towers in Drama and Filibe (Plovdiv). The clock and many other spoils of war were taken to their capital city by the Bulgarians in 1913 (Pennas, 1966, pp.518-519).

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