Çaker Sinan Bey School

The date of foundation date could not be ascertained. On 16 L 1296 (October 3, 1879); it was noted that the Çaker Sinan Bey School needed repair (BOA, İ.ŞD, 48/2666). On 13 M 1299 (December 5, 1881) the Çaker Sinan Bey School requested to use its own surplus funds for repairs. Information was sought as to the need for another school to be founded in the city center (BOA, MF.MKT, 72/70). On 9 Ra, 1316 (July 28, 1898); a request was made that half of the Çaker Sinan Bey Foundation finacial resources be allocated for the school and the other half to be allocated for repairs and for the foundation of a Primary school (BOA, MF.MKT, 409/6).
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