The building which was constructed as Administration House of Lesvos, used to be next to where the headquarters of the Ministry of Aegean Sea and Island Policy was. Namazgah is the prayer area of military officers and soldiers on the way to a campaign, which is an open air prayer area. These were the relics in small scale but in high locations. Some of them have advanced architectural features like a minaret and muezzin lodge. Within the Balkan geography, the Namazgahs of Bosnia-Herzegovina / Kamengrad, and Kosova / Prizren still survive. They were constructed by Sultan Mehmed II, in 1462. According to the pictures of 1920's, the building was covered by a wall, which had a minbar and mihrab in time. According to the findings of the excavations of 1940, many relics were discovered by the Namazgah. This area was later converted into a park.




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