Rhodes Senior High School

It is situated outside the Castle of Rhodes, on Andivasileos Damaskinou Street. The college that constituted the second part of secondary education was founded in 1884. It is understood that the college had 24 for students initially.

The two-floor building had an entrance hall with columns and archs, and was covered with a triangular roof. The college building has survived to this day without suffering many changes. The first administrator of the school, Abdullah Efendi, was an institutor of Arabic and Persian. During the administration of Ziver Bey who also is the author of some precious work on Rhodes, 1892-1893, there were 70 registered pupils. Arabic, Persian, French, History, Geography, Chemistry, Arts, Accountance and Writing was instructed in the School. Rhodes Senior High School had a higher quality education compared to other islands; to the extent that teachers were sent to surrounding islands like Limni.

Accordingly to the 1903 data, the college had 140 registered students. The French instructor of the school was the famous quarantine doctor, also poet and writer, Major Cenab fiahabeddin. Mehmed Kemal Bey, later the famous Mayor of Bogazliyan, was a graduate of the College and alongside with his civil service in the island, was instructing Ottoman Turkish and Civilization Studies by the year 1910. The School is today functioning as a Kazulion High School.

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