Hamidiye Barracks

Located at the entrance of the city, we could see that it was still being used as a Barracks during our inspection. For security purposes, no photography in the vicinity was allowed. The opening of the barracks took place on 20 B, 1319 (November 2, 1901), (BOA, Y.PRK.ASK, 176/75). According to records dated 26 B, 1319 (November 8, 1901) a prayer was read for the Sultan during the opening ceremeonies of the Hamidiye Barracks in Serres (BOA, DH.MKT, 2553/108). Records dated 19 Ş, 1321 (November 10, 1903) show that the cost of construction materials could not be met locally so a request was made to the National Treasury (BOA, DH.MKT, 792/13). Records concerning certain craftsmen and their work on the Barracks are dated 23 M 1323 (March 30, 1905). Recordds exist concerning payment demands by certain craftsmen (BOA, TFR.I.ŞKT., 62/6113).
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