Chios Castle

Chios passed under the sovereignty of Ottoman in 1566. Katip Çelebi, indicates that Suleiman The Magnificent who was about to go to Zigetvar Campaign, had assigned Kaptan-ı Derya (Captainof the Sea) Piyale Pasha to conquer the island that helped Malta Knights and wouldn't pay itstaxes for a couple of years. Piyale Pasha has moved from Istanbul with 70 galleys in March-April 1566 and took the island under Turkish sovereignty. Chios Island was an important location since it was on the ways of Hadji and trade. Inside the castle, in the Ottoman period, Piyale Pasha the conqueror of Chios's Mosque, Sultan Süleyman Mosque, Sultan Selim Han Mosque, Öküz Mehmed Pasha Mosque were the important works. The castle was made the center of the province Cezâir-i Bahr-ı Sefîd in 1881. There are 6 bastions in the castle today, which are South bastion, Quadrilateral bastion, West bastion, Northwest bastion, Antonio Zeno bastion and a demolished bastion. Today two towers, two baths, two mosques, a mosque that was turned into a church and Kara Ali Cemetery are placed inside the castle. According to the archives in Prime Ministry Government Archives General Management, inside castle in 8 June 1747, the whole castle in 18 September 1835, the ditch wall in head redoubt in 24 May 1836, the walls that were damaged in the earthquake in 8 July 1838, and the minaret of Mehmed Pasha Mosque inside the castle; were repaired. The section called Bastion Harbour Castle as the same level with the Castle was repaired in 9 October 1771 and 3 November 1805 by Architect of Hassa Mustafa Halife. Besides, Ludwig Bozhatr assigned by Berlin Science Academy, have copied the inscriptions of Chios Castle by taking permission from Ottoman Government in 8 November 1900. Rhodes's Governor Namık Kemal Bey, gave the written information in 14 February 1884, about the castle; "In Sakız the majority of the public is Christian, 400 people in the center of the province is Muslim. The Muslims are residing in Sakiz Castle. But; the castle is demolished in the earthquake in 1881. It needs to be repaired. If the repair will not be made, like in Samos Island, the Muslims will migrate". After the earthquake in Chios, barracks were built to Kılınç Square in the castle in order to provide housing to public. People who lived there have added these barracks or built bigger buildings. Then; the barracks were demolished in 1901.In early 20th century, shops were opened on the left and right parts of the south entrance of the castle. In a postcard belonging these years, a bakery is seen in the entrance. In another postcard printed A. Palli from Athens, its written and seen that Greek soldiers are collecting information about Turkish soldiers during the Ottoman sovereignty in Chios. Maybe after a couple of days from this postcard, in 12 November 1912, the island was occupied by Greeks. As seen in another postcard, in 21 December 1912, with the departure of the Turkish soldiers, the presence of the Ottoman ends in the island.

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