Government Office

On 24 S, 1317, (July 4, 1899); it is written that the Government Office was to be repaired without any charge to the exchequer (BOA, DH.MKT, 2218/38). It was founded in 1900 by Tahsin Bey, the District Governor. It also housed a Military Reserve force on its property. It was located in a wide garden that also had a small river running through it. Tevfik Bey, the Governor of Selânik attended the opening ceremony (Uzer, 1999, p.62). On 10 L, 1318, (January 31, 1901); construction of the Government Office’s ward and gendarmerie room were completed (BOA, DH.MKT, 2447/131). During our inspection, I thought that the building which is being used as a school was once the Government Office. The architectural features and the structure of the duplex building support the assumption that it was built at the beginning of the 20th century. There are architectural similarities with the Kozana Government Office which was constructed in the Ottoman Period. A “1921” inscription near the building’s entrance seems to indicate that that it was built at this later date.
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