Government Office

Located in the centre of Serres on Merarchias Avenue. A decision to build the Government Office was reached on 29 S, 1309 (October 4, 1891) and the building was to be funded by local donations and support from the National Treasury (BOA. Y.PRK.TKM, 22/65). Construction commenced on 4 Z, 1312 (May 29, 1895), (BOA, İ.HUS, 38/1312/ z-10). On 23 R, 1313 (October 13, 1895); A request was made to various government offices, including the charitable foundations of the Sultan, for financing. (BOA, DH.MKT, 90/3). The construction was completed on 3 M, 1316 (May 24, 1898), (BOA, İ.DH, 1355/1316/M-04). One of the photographs that were taken at the opening ceremony of the Government Office was given to the Sultan (BOA, DH.MKT, 2123/122).

When the Bulgarians entered and occupied Serres, the Office changed hands. The two story building remains standing to this day and is in use as the offices of the Governor of Serres. The building was designed to ensure good circulation and has large doors and high ceilings above the wooden floors and main stairway. The Ottoman crest that once existed above the large double entry doors has been removed.

It was changing hands,  Siroz was occupied by Bulgarians. It could stand until today without collapsing. The mansion is two storied. It arises on the subbasement. A central block plan and two way plan schemes were used in order to maintain the circulation between the stories. Floor coverings and the stairs of the mansion are wooden. Its doors are large and have high ceilings. There is a double door at its entrance. The entrance on its front wall is highlighted with an oriel. The inscription frontal on which there was an Ottoman emblem, at the top of front wall door’s axle was removed. It was being used as Serres Governor’s Office, during our examining.

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