Skopelos Fountain

Its located on the 8 November 1912 street of Skopelos village. Yorgos Kumanyas have helped us to find the fountain. Kumanyas's grandfather had the duty for food and drink supplying for Turkish soldiers in Ottoman period in İzmir. Since his will to Kumanyas was 'to serve coffee to the first Turks that he sees', he had bought us some coffee. From its inscription, there used to be another fountain made by the works of the villagers in 1741, and this present one was made in 1909 - 1910. The fountain is made of marble and has a rectangle plan. The upper side has an arch. On the tip of the arch, a Maflallah shaped as a drop and a crescent - star under it was drown. Inside the arch there is the niche. Inside the niche there is a second arch on the wall decorated with tulip motifs. Above this arch the crescent - star is embroidered. Under the arch, there is the one tapped panel stone. Inside the niche, a basin made of stone and higher than the ground was built. The fountain is still serving today.

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