Sultan Mahmud Mosque

Four archive documents concerning the mosque in Ağustos were located and the name of the mosque appears only in the very latest of these. The requisition of the charitable foundations of the Sultan Mahmud Mosque which is located in the Ağustos region of Karaferye district in Selânik province, on March 13, 1924 was arranged (BCA, 11228/, 557.1360.4). This name verifies the information that a mosque with a capacity for 100 people would be founded after the rebellion in the town, in March 4, 1840 and the mosque would be a charitable foundation of the Sultan. It is also indicated in the related document that the property around the mosque also belonged to the Sultan (BOA, C.DH, 140/6991). The mosque was constructed in the name of Sultan Mahmud II.

The third document shows the approval of a salary to be allocated to the twin children of Mahmud bin Ali Hodja , one of the inhabitants of the Cami Neighborhood of the Ağustos region in Selânik, on 10 Ş, 1321 (November 1, 1903), (BOA, DH.MKT, 784/43).

The fourth one, issued during the period of rebellion, concerns the transfer of Ali Cemal Effendi, the Ağustos Regional Imam, to Sivas and the conversion of the charitable foundations of the mosque to the charitable foundation of the church on 14 C, 1333 (April 29, 1915), (BOA, DH.EUM.1.Şb, 2/49). The mosque was no longer standing during our visit.

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