Eminzâde Hadji Ahmed Agha Madrasah

The madrasah, which carries the same name as the mosque, was constructed by Hadji Ahmed Agha. The charter of Ahmed Agha, the minister of Baruthane, of the vakif, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 989/0, p.0158, Line Nr: 0120 on 29 Ş, 1128 (August 18, 1716). It is understood from the charter of the vakif that the madrasah consisted of 9 student rooms, 1 teacher’s room, 1 kitchen, 2 toilets and 1 courtyard. It is registered that 4 coins would be given to each of the students who were placed in those nine student rooms. The Madrasah (Theological school) which was located near the mosque is clearly seen in an old photograph. The charitable foundation of Eminzâde Ahmed Agha Mosque and Madrasah; VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 725, p.274 on 23 M, 1129 (January 7, 1717), (The charter of its vakif: 989/158/120). On 1 N 1328 (September 6, 1910); as well as the mosque, Eminzâde Madrasah was also taken under protection by the Selânik Education Commission. The inauguration of the mosque, repaired with its own income, took place at the end October (BOA, MF.MKT, 1160/17). The madrasah is no longer standing today however, there is a building that we understand was constructed in the late 19th century and called the “Old Turkish School” that stands next to the where the mosque was. Today, this building is in service as a Primary school and is open for 3rd - 14th graders. We found the inscription which we suppose belongs to this building in the garden of Tuz Pazarı Bath.

It can be understood from the inscription that a school was built in M 1300 (December 1882), by Hadji Şekib Bey, who was from Karaferye.

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